We want to help you make Opening Day 2019 the best ever so we are asking you to reflect on the 2018 Opening Day.


For the full season teams who have been playing since April, Opening Day is already a distant memory. For Short season teams, Opening Day is fresh in your minds. That said, no matter when you played your first game I know you all took notes. You documented things to remember and improve upon for next season. There were small mistakes, things you can perfect for the future and new ideas.

If you are willing to share some quick notes we will compile them and share them back just in time for your staff retreats and fall meetings.

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If you've got a minute to answer a few of these questions, we'd greatly appreciate it!

• What is your best pearl of wisdom for Opening Day 2019?

• What could you do to improve the first game experience for next season?

• What might sell more Opening Day tickets?

• Is there something you want to remember to do for next year's Opening Day, but you might forget over the course of the season?

• What worked, what didn’t work?

• The ramp up to Opening Day is stressful, what do you do to stay healthy and in good spirits?

• Do you have a funny story that you want to share? 

Email me your answers and let's make Opening Day 2019 the best ever.