As you all recover from the season and begin contemplating next year, it's time to take stock in your staff and what everyone's responsibilities will look like moving forward.


When the season wraps up, change occurs within every front office in some way or another. Some of you might have added some staff, others could be replacing staff that have left for another team or perhaps a different career all together. Many times, the internal changes mean that there will be shifts in staff responsibilities. As your staff grows, you come to realize staffer’s various strengths and weaknesses. Your needs as an organization are also likely to change. Perhaps you added suites so you need to adjust who and how you are selling this new inventory? 

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What I love about Minor League Baseball is the teamwork mentality that is integral to most front offices. It’s such a gift to have a staff willing and ready to jump in, take on responsibilities and get their hands dirty. Just like the team on the field, you want to make sure you’re playing people in the right positions. This is the time to take a look at who is doing what and make sure it makes sense and is efficient. Before you update titles, restructure hierarchy dynamics, and make responsibility changes do you understand everyone’s current responsibilities? Before you begin moving pieces around the gameboard, do you know where all the pieces are?


Here's a idea you should steal, have everyone in the front office make a bullet point list of all the responsibilities that they do for the franchise. Once they’ve created their list, ask them rate each of their responsibilities, on a scale of 1-10, by two different metrics…

1.How important do they believe is that responsibility is to the overall success of the franchise?

2.How much do they enjoy doing that responsibility?

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I’d then ask them to list at least one new job or responsibility that they’d be interested in trying out. This is a great way to understand who’s ambitious for new responsibilities, who’s looking to grow into new roles, and who’s unhappy with their current position.

Is your Director of Sales in charge of your dance team? Maybe that makes sense or maybe that isn’t a good use of their time. Just because they sold the sponsorship, does that mean that they should be communicating performance dates and times? I’m sure you have someone who is a Director of Entertainment who could do this more easily. Then, when you look at the listed responsibilities of your Director of Entertainment, I’m guessing there’s something non-entertainment related that could be taken off of their plate. But you won’t know until everyone has done the exercise of listing out their responsibilities

One great way to build team camaraderie is to sit-down as a full staff and share everyone’s responsibilities so that everyone understands what everyone else does. Taking a one thousand foot view of your staff’s responsibilities will help you make better decisions if you are looking to realign some tasks, need to add new responsibilities, or have added staff members.

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