World Records and more that will whip your fans into a frenzy.


I got to wondering what MiLB could do with this? What about setting a record? Well, a Guiness World Record has been set for the longest line of people doing the chicken dance (1.627 mi or 24 city blocks).

Guiness' process is a lot of work and this should be about having fun and involving your talented and willing fans. Check out Their rules are simple; submit a quantifiable, breakable record with media evidence. All you really need is a unique idea and a video camera. Many of you have video equipment but phones will work too. Just be sure to hold it horizontally.


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You can use this opportunity to tell a story about your team’s identity and perhaps celebrate some talents you have on your staff. What are you known for? If you're known for crazy ideas, maybe you’ll have your crowd sing the 7th inning stretch while hopping on one foot or put together the largest game of Duck, Duck, “Your Mascot’s Name” on kids’ day. Your fans are your loyal followers so let them be a part of something. Get ready to sing, dance, eat….do whatever it is you want to do to set a record and then upload your video. If your record is a new category, create rules for others to follow. Once your submission gets approved (within 48 hours), share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and beyond and celebrate your new record.

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May 4 - Petite and Proud Day

Celebrate being 5’4” or under. This is the right time for a limbo contest. Do you already do contests like pick a box where you could fit a petite staffer in a small space to get a crowd reaction? Celebrate famous petite people. You can also consider allowing fans to pay their height for admission ($1/foot) or truly embrace the day and let petite adults 18 and older get in free. You could measure fans OR set something up 5’4” high at one of your gates and have them walk under it without ducking or slouching to get in. The saying is “Petite but Powerful” so have a night to celebrate these powerful people.

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May 4 - Firefighter Day

• It’s time for a call list. Reach out to the local firefighters and wish them a Happy Firefighter Day. To celebrate their day and their bravery, could you offer them something exclusive? Remember it doesn’t always have to be a discount. You can create a cool experience to help make a group sale and give you a great reason to make a sales call.

• Pick a day later in the year as Fightfighter day but use today for your first communication. If there is one thing that I have learned about Firefighters over the years, it’s that they are competitive and fun. Before becoming a firefighter they have go through testing that puts them through physical challenges. The entire test is comprised of 8 events that they must finish in under 10 minutes. Remember, I said Firefighters are fun. These tests could be; quickly dress in a baseball uniform, eat a hotdog, sing “Take me out to the ballgame”, run up the bleachers, do 25 jumping jacks, hit a target while pitching the ball, hit a ball a certain distance then round the bases and cross home plate. Think about athletic, professional people talking smack about doing activities like the dizzy bat spin. The prize could be a trophy which in my opinion makes this an annual competition (and group sale) because you defend your title and hope to get your fire company’s name on the trophy.

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May 23 - Lucky Penny Day

• Do you have a pressed penny machine somewhere in your ballpark? I never understood this but according to, collecting these pressed pennies is less like a hobby and more like an addiction. Your machine could press an image of your mascot or logo onto a penny. Your standard fan will enjoy this affordable collectable and also lists locations to encourage collecting.

• Instead of an egg hunt you could have a penny hunt; if you see a penny, pick it up and all game long you'll have good luck. You could celebrate lucky people named “Penny”. If you have Home Depot as a client perhaps you could bring in a cool fountain for a day and let fans make wishes with their pennies. Fans could fill out an entry when they make their wish and one fan could win all of the pennies. You might find that you love having a cool fountain.

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May 24 - Brother’s Day

• Have BOGO brother offers on tickets, merchandise, and food. Or create a brother package including tickets, food and the opportunity for a special first pitch (brother throws to brother with both getting autographed baseballs). Honor famous baseball player brothers. There are so many cool stories out there, stories like these...

Story: Brothers as Teammates in MLB History

Story: The Best Brothers in MLB

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May 28 - Indy 500

If your Team is home: Open early and show race and maximize your money making hours. During the game mimic the music from the Indy 500 concerts and feature; Keith Urban, The Steve Miller Band, and Bare Naked Ladies. Do you have a Car race on the field (kids cars) or on your videoboard? Can you roll or stack tires? Ask your players whether they follow Nascar or Formula 1 and reveal the percentage that said yes. Or you could build super cheesy car out of cardboard boxes and have your mascots race. Some of these old school promotions can get a good reaction as part of special, secondary promotional nights.

If your Team is on the road: Host an event. Show the Race on your videoboard and tvs surrounding the ballpark during the day. At night, have a band, and use this as an opportunity to sell food and beverages on a non-game day. Maybe your suite holders want to have private Indy 500 parties?

For additional fun check out: You could sell Indy 500 Bingo Cards for fun as fans follow along. Purchase 100 cards for $15…. Order Custom Bingo Cards Here

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May 31 - Save Your Hearing Day

• A few years back when I was in Reading we lost power at the stadium. The anthem singer performed and yelled for the fans to please sing along, which they did. Our PA Announcer moved from the press box down to the top of the dugout to announce batters. We proceeded with old school between inning contests not involving our videoboard, cameras, or any music or sound effects…..and it was AWESOME! You sit in meetings brainstorming memorable promotions all off season and this one came without planning or without warning. I highly recommend on this day or sometime in the future trying this to some degree. 

• I’m not suggesting you don’t turn on your lights for a night game or you skip using your videoboard if you have one but maybe you have a night without a repeated "Charge" sound effect? I feel overstimulated daily. A night with less sound made a lasting impression on me and on Fightins' fans.

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How'd It Go?

I'd love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. Did your fans and staff have fun? Did it make you money? There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas.

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