Wedding bells are ringing and a "Best Legs" contest to overcome the season's grind


June is here which means it's not only the baseball season it's wedding season. This can mean a lot of things for a ballpark.

Whether you charge for a proposal or not, your team should embrace this cultural phenomenon. (Check out how much major league baseball stadiums are charging for proposals... Here.) 

You are tied to this couple FOREVER by being a part of their moment. When I worked in Reading we had proposals at the ballpark but we didn't promote it. How many couples could we have connected with? If you decide to promote proposals, make sure you execute them well. First of all gather all of the information that you can in advance; seat/ticket location, name and proper pronunciations of who is proposing and who is being proposed to. Ask the person proposing to sneak away and check in upon arrival. You'll want to know they are there, that they're following through with their plans and you'll want descriptions to help camera people, mascots, or whoever might be involved. 

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For the actual proposal, the options are endless. I always liked having the couple be featured last as part of the "Kiss Cam". Once you knew the YES occurred the PA Announcer would jump in and congratulate them. In that case you don't hear the proposal because timing can be nerve racking when the microphone is involved AND they still have a level of privacy.

Get video footage and provide it to the couple afterwards. If possible, add a watermark of your logo to it. Don't promise this- over deliver.

Document and store date and couple's info and reach out to them on their 1 year engagement anniversary and offer them tickets to come back for the big day.

Ask for permission to do a Facebook live of the big moment.

Post proposals (video and/or photos) on social media.

Have mascot deliver flower or something after there's a definite YES.

Reach out to news outlets to see if they want to air the footage. Local news outlets are always looking for quick feel-good stories.


Your ballpark can also be a great place to host a wedding ceremony or reception, have wedding photos taken, and offer a "Renew Your Vows" promotion. One last idea: If you have a good relationship with some fans or clients who are getting married consider being "Wedding Crashers". How funny would it be for them to enter their reception and see your mascots standing by the bar clapping for them. I was at a wedding where the Phillie Phanatic showed up. He was invited, paid to be there actually, but it was AMAZING.



The grind of the season is on! Reinvigorate your staff with the 1st Annual Front Office Best Legs Contest. As silly as it sounds you can very easily unite a staff with some ridiculousness. The contest can be twofold. First see how well everyone knows each other by having them guess the legs. It’s crazy when you see how well people do. Then have them vote best legs (whatever that means to them). Instead of talking about lost sleep they can talk about each other’s legs. Yes, we did this in Reading. No, I never won.

Step 1: Embrace the concept and assign a leader. Now, establish any rules as well as the timeline for voting. Will there be a prize for either aspect of the contest (Most accurate guesses and/or Best Legs? It’s an honor to know your staff and/or have the “Best Legs” but perhaps to really get your employees excited you offer an extra 2 hours off to leave early or come in late.

Step 2: Your leader takes the photos and labels them for only them to see.

Step 3: Display the photos in your break room or conference room and let the guessing and voting begin.

Step 4: The announcement and silly awards ceremony. Variation: You can decide to involve your followers and make this a Facebook contest. Let your fans vote for the best legs.

Download The Voting Form Here


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June 14 - Flag Day/Flag Retirement

This day seems to come and go annually without much planned yet it is another great reason to celebrate America, honor our flag and host an event at the ballpark.

Reach out to a local American Legion, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the DAV or the VFW or some other group about having a Flag Retirement Ceremony. They understand the various rules involved and can support the idea of retiring flags and honoring Veterans at your ballpark.

A popular way to retire a worn out flag is to burn it. If you decide to host a ceremony with fire, it would also be wise to reach out to the local fire department in reference to fire permits and fire safety. The ceremony should be conducted with dignity and respect. Again, you can be the host location, find another organization to get involved and then you promote the event.

There are many sites that can assist you in preparing a ceremony. Here's one that's Scout based but has great info.

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June 16 - Flip Flop Day

This is a great date to promote and sell the areas within your ballpark that are truly enjoyed by those rocking Flip Flops. Do you have a Berm, a pool, a lazy river? Well, remind your fans how awesome it is to attend a game in these areas. An added feature could be that you pick a date and offer pedicures within these areas with money going to your team's charity. 

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June 21 - First Day of Summer

Have a summer solstice party. Have a bonfire or a post game concert. There's no reason for your fans to leave the ballpark on the longest day of the year. Do a Sun Dance utilizing your mascots and characters, kick off a summer reading program for kids, hand out sunscreen, discount tank tops (Suns out, Guns Out). Go outside in the sun and think about how you'd like to honor the Sun and 1st day of summer at your ballpark.

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How'd It Go?

I'd love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. Did your fans and staff have fun? Did it make you money? There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas.

I'd Love to Hear from You