Use the power of photos to help you sell.


What better way to sell a group, a season ticket, or a sponsorship than to show off your ballpark? Words can’t describe stands filled with your fans experiencing America’s Past time, the smiles on adults’ faces when they feel like kids again, the expression a child makes when they get a high five from your mascot. Take some time and make a list of the pictures you want your team photographer to take this season.

Remember to list everything you need for your proof of performances. Who doesn’t renew a billboard when they have a photo hanging in their office with an amazing play captured in front of their sign? If you don’t have a photographer, reach out and offer a trade to make sure you have everything you need to sell next off season.


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Photos are great but they can’t beat the real thing. Now is the time to invite prospective clients out to a game. It’s hard to sell when your field is covered with snow or under some offseason construction. Invite them out with their family for a game that you know will be well attended. Show them a good time, shake hands and let them enjoy the game. You can follow up with a call later.



I've broken down a shot list of photos that I would want a photographer to capture in the ballpark.

Download Ashley's Shot List PDF

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April 2 - Children’s Book Day

• Have a mascot, character and /or player read to kids at your ballpark. This is something that you might want to redo in the offseason. Local libraries and book stores do weekly story time to provide activities for kids too young for school while providing themselves with some traffic. This could be a way to keep in touch with your kids club and bring people to your ballpark.

• Support local libraries or other children’s organizations by collecting and donating books.

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April 6 - Tell a Lie Day

Have you ever played 2 truths and a lie? This can be a fun way to get to know people and there are two ways to try this.

• Use it in your office. Have everyone give you 3 pieces of information about themselves. 2 of them truths and one a lie. Send these around the office and have everyone guess. See who knows their fellow co-workers the best and enjoy getting to know interesting facts about each other.

• You could also play 2 truths and a lie using a player. Perhaps on “Tell a Lie Day” you post 3 statements on social media and ask your fans to respond with what they think the lie is. Release the answer later in the day. If you get a good response perhaps this could be a new between inning contest for your team?

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April 10 - Kicks Off Experience week

It’s time to make dreams come true. You might dream about hiking the Grand Canyon or traveling in a hot air balloon……but you probably have fans that dream about shagging fly balls at your ballpark, meeting your players or being a mascot for a day. The first step is to find out what your fans’ dream experiences are. You can collect entries via social media or email. You can also have people enter at the ballpark. You have the power to provide some amazing experiences that will not be forgotten. Maybe someone wishes they could experience being your team’s “Owner for a day”.

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April 16 - Easter

There are a lot of Easter Egg hunts in the weeks leading up to Easter. I can personally tell you that each of my kid’s schools have hunts, my neighborhood and borough also have egg hunts. Find out where the egg hunts are in your area and offer to bring your mascot and perhaps a grand prize to add to one lucky egg. This is a great opportunity to get in front of families in your area and distribute your pocket schedule.

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April 20 - High Five Day

Did you know that some claim that the gesture started in baseball when LA Dodger outfielder Glenn Burke spontaneously high-fived fellow outfielder Dusty Baker after a homerun back in 1977? Regardless of whether this is where it began or not it has revolutionized how we celebrate at sporting events. Gestures like the high five enhance bonding amongst teammates as well as the fans. Ideas:

• The inventors of this day hold a High-5-A-Thon and raise money each year for cancer research.

• Discuss the evolution of the High Five: Up High, Down Low, Too Slow. The self high five, fist bump, double high five, air five, saying "gimmie five". My dog can give high fives and it's probably the first thing my husband and I taught our kids. I believe the High Five deserves a day of recognition.

• Between inning moment. You could have a moment similar to church when people offer a greeting by shaking hands and instead ask fans to high five. OR you could really push High fives throughout the game via PA, videoboard graphics, and game staff every time your team gets a hit, out, etc.

• Show video footage of great High Five moments in your team's history. You can use this on your videoboard if you have one and/or your website or social media.

• After doing all/any of these feel free to get a sponsor to hand out Hand Sanitizer as an exit giveaway.

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April 27 - National Babe Ruth Day

You are a baseball team and baseball has a lot of history. This can simply be a day where you pay tribute to one of the great legends in baseball; The Babe, the Sultan of Swat, The Great Bambino. Want to turn this into an event? If you don’t already do this, invite fans in early to watch batting practice. Perhaps you can let your fans try and swing for the fences Babe Ruth Style. Be sure to share what you do using #NationalBabeRuthDay.

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April 28 - National Superhero Day

• I’ll admit that I love the Phillie Phanatic. At one of his birthday parties a villian took over Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and luckily “Super Phanatic” saved the day. You can read all about it in “The Adventures of Super Phanatic”. This is so easy and so much fun to copy. Rent a costume or create a new villian at your ballpark. Get a cape for your mascot and you have yourself a mascot skit.

• Rent or buy Superhero costumes and have your staff dress up. Kids will love posing for pictures with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Invite kids to dress up too. This is another opportunity to find out your Super Hero Name.

• Pay tribute to the real Superheros in your area: Police, firefighters.

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How'd It Go?

I'd love to hear what you tried and how it worked for you. Did your fans and staff have fun? Did it make you money? There’s no reason to wait until the promotional seminar to have an open exchange of ideas.

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